Friday, 4 February 2011


"TO BE BORN IS FOR A REASON" these lines were garlanded by???? well!! me!!! actually i couldn't  find a better portentous counterpart for this,but on a serious note we all are down here because of some reason, RAISON D'ETRE.these reasons  may vary on the scale of life ranging from OH! now someone had to reduce the weight up there to WHO'S  going to stop the nuclear war if not for me!!!succinct to say that there is a reason for our every breath.while i am still in search of mine i just cant control my being antsy about people who cant even think of there own( no!! just don't broaden the grin thinking about your countries oligarchs this piece ain't pun intended) my reference with full reverence is towards those who have been brutally expunged from life and for whom the ANNUS MIRABILIS  doesn't seem to end.Running as also-ran now in the race of life, for them the connotation of words like desire, passion, drive, mean just the same NOTHING.
One such person i came across trawling through the idiot box was ARUNA SHANBAUG,aruna ran away from her orthodox south indian home in pursuit of HAPPINESS INDEPENDENCE and LOVE.she defied filial piety and infringed indian values at the time when our male dominated female india was still coming to terms with the presence of a 5 yard clad SHE prime idiosyncratic as it may sound aruna was sure of what she wanted out of life and with the unquenchable thirst and perseverance  she completed her training of nurse and with connubial bliss imminent.she couldn't have asked for more from divine power up there,but as they say GOD HAS HIS OWN PLANS...she was mercilessly raped by a sweeper who couldn't live under the blasphemy of having being complained about from the fairer sex this complained made against him , disdainful to the dire consequences stuck around like a millstone around his neck and hence he clipped , chipped her wings under the claws of revenge leaving  indelible pockmarks on her life and the dervish gyrating aruna was left to become a vegetable for the rest of her life. many appealed for euthanasia  to end her eternal pain but aruna being a rebellious sort that she was made a valiant attempt after 38yrs of lying stone still to, clinch life into here immobile body and a daily yesterday reported that now aruna shanbaug can smile, eat, sense her joie de vivre can be seen when she slurps at the sight of fish, the shriveled enervating facade of aruna has a herculean soul such that her pain had to give up to peters principle, it reached its level of incompetency.but cynics would ask whats her raison d'etere?well long long back i read few lines in a book i cant remember "IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD WOMEN SPEAK SAME LANGUAGE,LANGUAGE OF SILENCE.aruna is probably conversing in the same which is falling on stoned deaf ears.her reason for existence is to teach us enfant terrible what a wonderful life we have,paraphrasing our way of leading our life she wants all of us "enmasse"  to have a walk with our thoughts and probably then we will realize that most coveted things were lost during journey undergone to allure the vestigial ones. This acknowledgment of guilt that arunas story contrived mustn't go  waste, and lets promise ourself to be complacent with life not by giving up the journey but by devouring what has been served on our platter.kudos to aruna and other such nonchalant souls for being great professors of life.   


  1. This message should really open the eyes of people as this could even happen to the persons sister mother or friend, who so ever may be reading this article, my "Heart Fell Sympathy" to ARUNA SHANBAUG, lets all get together and strive for every women in the country who have suffered,

  2. no no dis aint just abt aruna its abt all us mango people who in search of strikin gold neglect d gleam of silver my point is to be happy dat we are still able to breathe read write whn sme cant evn stand on dere own.....