Wednesday, 26 January 2011


MY take on an article "our take" published in a daily ,is an archetype of
"partisan bent of mind".Though i completely agree there is no inexorable
thirst of HOISTING a national flag at ground zero but, to be presumptuous, when
is there  or rather why should there ever be a NEED to hoist the tricolor. I am
not the strongest proponent of the convoluted raisons d'^etre of such a move and
hands down agree that Kashmir  is not the terra-firma for this but can prove to
be a fulcrum in bringing the integrity of India from the claws of pouncing
zealots.suffice  to say that lets stop anticipating an inferno and be
clairvoyant of something to confound us.The crown of India has already been
mauled upon sporadically by people who cannot see wood for trees,lets abandon
them and the two-bit separatists following the policy of "Carrots and the
stick".Lets not be oblivious to  the Indian integrity of Kashmiris as we were to
our eastern blood.As for BJP my intention is clear and would like to frame it in
the words of Charles-de-guelle "LA  REFORMEOUI,LA CHIEEN LIT NON".      

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