Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Lets start from the very beginning sing M B A   EMMM BEE AYEEE fa so la t do...probably 2 lakh of todays youngsters would be serenading this.but i reached the end of this tither on sunday, at a valiant attempt to throttle my failure i gave another MBA entrance exam...the studious lot in the motley group of mba aspirant repudiate this particular exam but for an also-ran like me it was a last resort sort of thing,a tourniquet kind , once it is out you are in for prosthesis.As i sat down in front of the closed dossier of questions i was anticipating the no. of quants [quantitative or maths in erudite language] question i will be able to attempt and as we were asked to start  i trawled through the questions to find the prima dona of the exam its sister consult D.I(Data Interpretation) and guess what they were cheek by jowl to each other,i attempted first quants question and failed,then second which must have been a paraphrase of 2+2 took me 2 minutes to nail.In half and hour i could solve only 10 question of quants and there were 190 more waiting to maul my grey matter.i left quants then and there and switched  to G.k which wasn't a cake walk either then wading through the english section,i reached intelligence section and had hardly 45 minutes in my hand but i thought it would be blasphemous on my part not to attempt the intelligence section so i tread on it first it had no frills or jargons,it was pretty simple probably they had my I.Q in mind while setting up this section....I was in a snug until i realized my time has been racing with my mind and was de- facto winning.,i was left with only ten minutes and the paraphernalia of quants and its kith and kin awaiting my heed i finished intelligence section and with slipshod attempted few more.Ignoramus me was drowned in the sea of despondency  till one of the guys seated diagonally behind me thanked me,i was disdainful and surprised to  his gesture and kept mum,so there i was adding another feather to my ignominious cap.I came out leaving few tongues wagging hilariously over my gait as i was slouching underneath the burden of failure,but as soon as i stepped out and saw the face which was smouldering   unconditional love,filial piety compelled me to smile at least for him for coming all the way this long to support me when i needed it the most.and there i was with a deep chasm in the heart but a bright facade to prevent the miasma in my life to stupor my hero,all i could say was  IT WENT OK DAD!!!and then veracity conquered me and a terse spew out BUT SO HAVE ALL THE OTHER BEEN????he smiled and said come on lets eat something you must be hungry.

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