Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Before you jump the guns to decide whether am an IIM A grad or K let me apprise you i am non.I was amongst the also-ran in cat examination center trying my luck, yes, i said luck and not hard work because its more of the former than the latter and students who have crossed this bridge will know "I am not just all talks".so,if on the D day, for few angels were sentry and others gave there exam in the auspice of grim reaper,it is nothing but unfair to calibrate one's caliber on just this  score.  i am not the case  of "sour grapes" and neither am i demented by low score.This  agony is festering because of the ITALIC letter mention that an IIM Grad gets even if he goes out  to clean his crap on the bed.I in no way am being disdainful to there achievement but does just the institutes  name make them better students(better student doesn't necessarily apply being top scorers).so,why, when a certain Sabeer Bhatia works with a certain Mamta Banerjee over a website inception,to be assisted by an IIM grad finds a special bold letter mention,Why cant a more nonchalant MBA grad replace or in fact dislodge it.its not IIM thats working for the students its there grey matter "IIM is a sacrosanct", touche!but it has been made so by the students and it can be that certain TOM DICK AND HARRY couldn't get the pass for IIM freshers but that doesn't make them any less intellectual or brainy then there IIM counterparts,does it?Tell me how many politicians are from IIM? OK,forget the politburos they are pretty tainted off  recently(courtesy-certain kalmadi's and A B C   rajas),lets take the richest and most revered legends like Sachin Tendulkar or Mukesh Ambani,its there talent that has buoyant them up from sea of mango people,so why reiterating on flaunting IIM.Its not IIM its WHO I AM that makes the difference.

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