Friday, 21 January 2011

A plaint of the worlds most oblivion religion...womenhood..

This is not in lieu of the 
articles published in news papers mind you they are impeccable,but in lieu 
of the news that has sired a storm in my brain a report that should have 
stirred the hornets nest but so far has not been given the heed it calls for.
KHAPPANCHAYAT led by babasuraj has banned women from wearing jeans as this piece 

of clothing leads to eve-teasing and elopement. What a strategy to abide by "IF 
CANNOT CURE IT DO NOT ENDURE IT ERADICATE IT.Now the Fourth it is not for the 
culprit my friends (Guess u did not pay heed to the people we are talking 
about,its khappanchayat they follow there very own modified form of Sharia 
law...EVERYTHING FOR AN EYE i am sorry for a love marriage.) but for the 
victim,by eradicating or suppressing the victim they decimate the chances of 
crime epidemic to suffuse further in the society.WHAT would like to ask 
MR.BABASURAJ (presumptuous enough considering i am myself a lady)is that how 
many rape victims were actually wearing jeans and for that matter a western 
attire when the so called provoked Pity rapers under footed the victims dream to 

quench his thirst,78% of the rape victims are from below poverty line for whom 
fashion is as elusive as is justice,so if banning jeans they feel the crime rate 

would go down please ask them to rest there idiosyncratically priggish 
mind.whats blasphemous is not these men but even women are bowing down to the 
dogma. DE FACTO people believe that its women sartorial sense that leads her 
into trouble,but if this is so why was pratibha (a call centre 
employee,Bangalore)fully clad raped,why hasn't someone raped mallikasherawat or 
yanagupta,why are girls or should i say toddlers below 3yrs of age raped groped 
molested,is it there naked toddler legs that entices men to come slurping 
towards them? BABAJI probably would have an answer for this issue too,In a 
techno savvy world a device should be invented that veils a girl child in the 
womb itself.My question to the government is that though i know scams and shams 
are keeping you busy but this issue calls for immediate attention to thwart the 
cynics in khap and government instead of ostracising these groups and there 
protege your are busy pussy footing around. DID i hear someone say' VOTES'????.

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