Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Before you jump the guns to decide whether am an IIM A grad or K let me apprise you i am non.I was amongst the also-ran in cat examination center trying my luck, yes, i said luck and not hard work because its more of the former than the latter and students who have crossed this bridge will know "I am not just all talks".so,if on the D day, for few angels were sentry and others gave there exam in the auspice of grim reaper,it is nothing but unfair to calibrate one's caliber on just this  score.  i am not the case  of "sour grapes" and neither am i demented by low score.This  agony is festering because of the ITALIC letter mention that an IIM Grad gets even if he goes out  to clean his crap on the bed.I in no way am being disdainful to there achievement but does just the institutes  name make them better students(better student doesn't necessarily apply being top scorers).so,why, when a certain Sabeer Bhatia works with a certain Mamta Banerjee over a website inception,to be assisted by an IIM grad finds a special bold letter mention,Why cant a more nonchalant MBA grad replace or in fact dislodge it.its not IIM thats working for the students its there grey matter "IIM is a sacrosanct", touche!but it has been made so by the students and it can be that certain TOM DICK AND HARRY couldn't get the pass for IIM freshers but that doesn't make them any less intellectual or brainy then there IIM counterparts,does it?Tell me how many politicians are from IIM? OK,forget the politburos they are pretty tainted off  recently(courtesy-certain kalmadi's and A B C   rajas),lets take the richest and most revered legends like Sachin Tendulkar or Mukesh Ambani,its there talent that has buoyant them up from sea of mango people,so why reiterating on flaunting IIM.Its not IIM its WHO I AM that makes the difference.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Lets start from the very beginning sing M B A   EMMM BEE AYEEE fa so la t do...probably 2 lakh of todays youngsters would be serenading this.but i reached the end of this tither on sunday, at a valiant attempt to throttle my failure i gave another MBA entrance exam...the studious lot in the motley group of mba aspirant repudiate this particular exam but for an also-ran like me it was a last resort sort of thing,a tourniquet kind , once it is out you are in for prosthesis.As i sat down in front of the closed dossier of questions i was anticipating the no. of quants [quantitative or maths in erudite language] question i will be able to attempt and as we were asked to start  i trawled through the questions to find the prima dona of the exam its sister consult D.I(Data Interpretation) and guess what they were cheek by jowl to each other,i attempted first quants question and failed,then second which must have been a paraphrase of 2+2 took me 2 minutes to nail.In half and hour i could solve only 10 question of quants and there were 190 more waiting to maul my grey matter.i left quants then and there and switched  to G.k which wasn't a cake walk either then wading through the english section,i reached intelligence section and had hardly 45 minutes in my hand but i thought it would be blasphemous on my part not to attempt the intelligence section so i tread on it first it had no frills or jargons,it was pretty simple probably they had my I.Q in mind while setting up this section....I was in a snug until i realized my time has been racing with my mind and was de- facto winning.,i was left with only ten minutes and the paraphernalia of quants and its kith and kin awaiting my heed i finished intelligence section and with slipshod attempted few more.Ignoramus me was drowned in the sea of despondency  till one of the guys seated diagonally behind me thanked me,i was disdainful and surprised to  his gesture and kept mum,so there i was adding another feather to my ignominious cap.I came out leaving few tongues wagging hilariously over my gait as i was slouching underneath the burden of failure,but as soon as i stepped out and saw the face which was smouldering   unconditional love,filial piety compelled me to smile at least for him for coming all the way this long to support me when i needed it the most.and there i was with a deep chasm in the heart but a bright facade to prevent the miasma in my life to stupor my hero,all i could say was  IT WENT OK DAD!!!and then veracity conquered me and a terse spew out BUT SO HAVE ALL THE OTHER BEEN????he smiled and said come on lets eat something you must be hungry.

Friday, 4 February 2011


"TO BE BORN IS FOR A REASON" these lines were garlanded by???? well!! me!!! actually i couldn't  find a better portentous counterpart for this,but on a serious note we all are down here because of some reason, RAISON D'ETRE.these reasons  may vary on the scale of life ranging from OH! now someone had to reduce the weight up there to WHO'S  going to stop the nuclear war if not for me!!!succinct to say that there is a reason for our every breath.while i am still in search of mine i just cant control my being antsy about people who cant even think of there own( no!! just don't broaden the grin thinking about your countries oligarchs this piece ain't pun intended) my reference with full reverence is towards those who have been brutally expunged from life and for whom the ANNUS MIRABILIS  doesn't seem to end.Running as also-ran now in the race of life, for them the connotation of words like desire, passion, drive, mean just the same NOTHING.
One such person i came across trawling through the idiot box was ARUNA SHANBAUG,aruna ran away from her orthodox south indian home in pursuit of HAPPINESS INDEPENDENCE and LOVE.she defied filial piety and infringed indian values at the time when our male dominated female india was still coming to terms with the presence of a 5 yard clad SHE prime minister.as idiosyncratic as it may sound aruna was sure of what she wanted out of life and with the unquenchable thirst and perseverance  she completed her training of nurse and with connubial bliss imminent.she couldn't have asked for more from divine power up there,but as they say GOD HAS HIS OWN PLANS...she was mercilessly raped by a sweeper who couldn't live under the blasphemy of having being complained about from the fairer sex this complained made against him , disdainful to the dire consequences stuck around like a millstone around his neck and hence he clipped , chipped her wings under the claws of revenge leaving  indelible pockmarks on her life and the dervish gyrating aruna was left to become a vegetable for the rest of her life. many appealed for euthanasia  to end her eternal pain but aruna being a rebellious sort that she was made a valiant attempt after 38yrs of lying stone still to, clinch life into here immobile body and a daily yesterday reported that now aruna shanbaug can smile, eat, sense her joie de vivre can be seen when she slurps at the sight of fish, the shriveled enervating facade of aruna has a herculean soul such that her pain had to give up to peters principle, it reached its level of incompetency.but cynics would ask whats her raison d'etere?well long long back i read few lines in a book i cant remember "IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD WOMEN SPEAK SAME LANGUAGE,LANGUAGE OF SILENCE.aruna is probably conversing in the same which is falling on stoned deaf ears.her reason for existence is to teach us enfant terrible what a wonderful life we have,paraphrasing our way of leading our life she wants all of us "enmasse"  to have a walk with our thoughts and probably then we will realize that most coveted things were lost during journey undergone to allure the vestigial ones. This acknowledgment of guilt that arunas story contrived mustn't go  waste, and lets promise ourself to be complacent with life not by giving up the journey but by devouring what has been served on our platter.kudos to aruna and other such nonchalant souls for being great professors of life.   

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


MY take on an article "our take" published in a daily ,is an archetype of
"partisan bent of mind".Though i completely agree there is no inexorable
thirst of HOISTING a national flag at ground zero but, to be presumptuous, when
is there  or rather why should there ever be a NEED to hoist the tricolor. I am
not the strongest proponent of the convoluted raisons d'^etre of such a move and
hands down agree that Kashmir  is not the terra-firma for this but can prove to
be a fulcrum in bringing the integrity of India from the claws of pouncing
zealots.suffice  to say that lets stop anticipating an inferno and be
clairvoyant of something to confound us.The crown of India has already been
mauled upon sporadically by people who cannot see wood for trees,lets abandon
them and the two-bit separatists following the policy of "Carrots and the
stick".Lets not be oblivious to  the Indian integrity of Kashmiris as we were to
our eastern blood.As for BJP my intention is clear and would like to frame it in
the words of Charles-de-guelle "LA  REFORMEOUI,LA CHIEEN LIT NON".      

Monday, 24 January 2011


The  article 'foisting tricolor' makes the reader take cognizance of not only
kashmir,but also the extent politician or zealots as they should be addressed
can use innocent INDIANS as mere agitprop.BJP's decision to hoist the national
flag at lalchowk is being given undue attention,its a democratic nation(unless
arundhati roy  put her geographical skills to practice in finding kashmirs

nationality) and 26th January is as precious to  all of us as is
id-uI-fitar.Through this i would also like to request the media to not
publish articles on this issue as this storms up the hornets nest and creates a
miasma all around regarding our very own integrity,as for the revered sacrosanct

MR.SAYED ALI SHAH i have coined another beautiful and erudite slogan KHAOYAHA KI

GAO WAHA KI (eat here praise them.)and for our very own omarabdullah he should
see this as an opportunity to save its tottering predominance in the valley by
defying  apartheid and atavistic zealots policies which they follow ad-nauseum
and unite kashmir by people to move to lalchowk on 26thenmasse.my last piece of
advice to Mr. sayedali shah would be it is this salubrious country which still
remains impervious to your vulgar way of excising your right to speak your
vituperative mind out,the country u dream of (which is itself at sixes and
sevens right now) would have impaled your staggered back and filled your polemic

gob right to your epiglottis with arsenal  before you would have even
spoke.then you couldn't have even pronounced KHA KHA from the epiglottis for

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Who better than a historian of her hallowed could have 

scrupulously stated this..suckinkt to say  her alma mater in all probability 
must have been  accredited by  
chinese government. infact a quick probe into her itinary shows dat fortnite 
before her 

visit to kashmir she visited chinese counsellate(legal formalities you 
see!!!!).she braved her way through d volley of questions thrown at her but 
flinched upon one.thats actually when the  chinese counsellate asked if she 
visited pakistani counsellate prior to this visit.....???what an extraneous 
question???smeone overheard.
  but being the performer dat she is ...she is always ready with her repertoire 
and bang  came the repartee...'isnt pakistan an integral part of china 
too...thought it has seized to exist as a separate state'
                                  KUDOS TO HER CHINESE ACCREDITED ALMA MATER.

Friday, 21 January 2011

A plaint of the worlds most oblivion religion...womenhood..

This is not in lieu of the 
articles published in news papers mind you they are impeccable,but in lieu 
of the news that has sired a storm in my brain a report that should have 
stirred the hornets nest but so far has not been given the heed it calls for.
KHAPPANCHAYAT led by babasuraj has banned women from wearing jeans as this piece 

of clothing leads to eve-teasing and elopement. What a strategy to abide by "IF 
CANNOT CURE IT DO NOT ENDURE IT ERADICATE IT.Now the Fourth it is not for the 
culprit my friends (Guess u did not pay heed to the people we are talking 
about,its khappanchayat they follow there very own modified form of Sharia 
law...EVERYTHING FOR AN EYE i am sorry for a love marriage.) but for the 
victim,by eradicating or suppressing the victim they decimate the chances of 
crime epidemic to suffuse further in the society.WHAT would like to ask 
MR.BABASURAJ (presumptuous enough considering i am myself a lady)is that how 
many rape victims were actually wearing jeans and for that matter a western 
attire when the so called provoked Pity rapers under footed the victims dream to 

quench his thirst,78% of the rape victims are from below poverty line for whom 
fashion is as elusive as is justice,so if banning jeans they feel the crime rate 

would go down please ask them to rest there idiosyncratically priggish 
mind.whats blasphemous is not these men but even women are bowing down to the 
dogma. DE FACTO people believe that its women sartorial sense that leads her 
into trouble,but if this is so why was pratibha (a call centre 
employee,Bangalore)fully clad raped,why hasn't someone raped mallikasherawat or 
yanagupta,why are girls or should i say toddlers below 3yrs of age raped groped 
molested,is it there naked toddler legs that entices men to come slurping 
towards them? BABAJI probably would have an answer for this issue too,In a 
techno savvy world a device should be invented that veils a girl child in the 
womb itself.My question to the government is that though i know scams and shams 
are keeping you busy but this issue calls for immediate attention to thwart the 
cynics in khap and government instead of ostracising these groups and there 
protege your are busy pussy footing around. DID i hear someone say' VOTES'????.